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Lymal Audio USA

LA-EP4CRX 4 Way 12 Volt Electronic Crossover

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Lymal Audio 4 Way 12 Volt Car Audio Electronic Crossover LA-EP4CRX

Signal Processors 4ch input / 8 output (Line-Driver)

Power Source: 12 Volt DC
Input Current: 0.5 Amp Max
Distortion: 0.01% THD at 1v Output Level
Frecuency Respose: 10Hz - 30Khz - 3db
S/N Ratio: 95db
Separation: 60db

Crossover frecuencies variales:
Front High-Pass: x1 30-400Hz / x20 600-8Khz
Center High-Pass: x1 100-800Hz / x2 200-1.6Khz
Rear High-Pass: x1 30-400Hz / x2 60-800Hz
Center Low-Pass: x1 800-10Khz / x2 1.6k-20Khz
Rear Low-Pass: x1 800-10Khz / x2 1.6k-20Khz

Subwoofer: 35-120Hz
Low-pass: 18db per Octave 3rd Order
High-pass: 12db per Octave 2nd Order
Subwoofer boost: Single octave 0 db to 12 db (variable) at 45 Hz
Input impedance: 20k Ohms
Output impedance: 100 Ohms

Dimensions: 196.5mm / 242mm / 41mm

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